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Latex regression and summary tables in Stata

A clean, well organized latex table is difficult to build. If you do a lot of analysis in Stata, there are several tools to output latex tables of your regressions or summary statistics. These packages do not always work perfectly with the standard options. Below I present two example code snippets to produce a latex table of a set of regressions that includes a IV estimator and a summary statistics table that compares two groups in a database. Each uses the eststo package.

Regression Table with Multiple Equations and Stages

Here I run a couple of limited dependent variable models and a two-stage bivariate probit with an IV. The output isn’t perfect, but it works for pre-submission distribution.

The output looks like this:

Latex regression output from eststo

Summary statistics with a by variable

Next, consider summarizing the characteristics of two groups in your data. For example, I want to compare the age, number of boards seats and other features of venture capital spinoff founders to everyone else.

The output will look like this:


The full details of the esttab, estpost and eststo have many more options and a lot of examples.