Nearly all the research detailed below relies on the generous access to the VentureSource database provided by Dow Jones and Correlation Ventures.


Statistical Discrimination or Prejudice? A Large Sample Field Experiment (with C. Wang and B. Tomlin) [2014, Review of Economics and Statistics] [pdf]

The Price of Diversifiable Risk in Venture Capital and Private Equity (with C. Jones and M. Rhodes-Kropf) [Review of Financial Studies, 2013] [pdf]

Is the VC Partnership Greater than the Sum of its Partners? (with M. Rhodes-Kropf) [May 2013, Journal of Finance, forthcoming [pdf] [online appendix]

Working Papers

The Consequences of Entrepreneurial Firm Founding on Innovation (with Christian Fons-Rosen) [July 2013] [pdf] [data/code]

Works in Progress

“The Changing Face of the VC-Backed Entrepreneur” (with Ramana Nanda and Matthew Rhodes-Kropf)

“The Effect of Disclosure on Firm Behavior: Evidence from Deregistrations of Small Banks” (with Pierre Lang)